Exhibitors 2017

Alison Adamson
Felted Hair Dreads, Falls, Wigs, Dreadlock Accessories, Headbands and Charms.
Aromair SolRox Ocean Spa Therapy.
Mark Aston Tarot Card Readings.
Neshla Avey
Colin Babb
Clairvoyant and Angel Card Readings.
Chris Baker BCMA reg. INEH. Specialist in Orgonite Products, constructor of Sacred structures, Plasma Energy Healing and GaNs water production. Free advice and consultation: 07988442130
Body Talk Bristol
Body Talk Healing Sessions - Emotional and Stress Release.
Chi - Mind, Body and Spirit
High Dimensional Workshops, Courses and Retreats in Glastonbury, the Greek Islands and India. Hand Picked Indian and Tibetan Goods, Jewellery, Tingsha, Singing Bowls, Crystals, Scrolls, Bags, Cushion Covers, age and Incense.
Cindy's Teas Our mission is to use pharmaceutical quality herbs to blend delicious tea to relieve everyday ailments such as insomnia, tummy problems, and skin conditions, along with teas which can be enjoyed all day, every day to promote health and well-being.
Teena Couzens
Hand Made Leather and Feather Crafts.
Karen Croker
Spiritual Mediumship, Tarot and Angel Cards.
Cliff de la Croix
Sport Massage, Thai Massage, Tok Sen and Hypno Massage.
Dan Rox
Crystals and Stones, including Raw, Polished, Wands, Lingham, Spheres, Tumbles etc, Hand Picked from our Ethically Sourced Partners.
Gem Enchantment Exquisite gemstone jewellery treasures offering beautiful healing crystals to adorn and empower. Presented with love.
Gwen Davies Art
Original Artwork, Henna, Greetings Cards, Prints and Colouring Books.
Stella Donoghue
Spiritual and Angel Healing Card Readings.
Julie Duggan Hand Made and Designed Silver and Stone Jewellery, Rings and Pendants.
Driftwood Hollow
Handcrafted Clothing, Cloaks, Fae Hoods, Felt Hats, Fantasy Horned Headdresses, Handcrafted Story Books, Handcrafted Shamanic Drums and Tools.
John Odinsson Dyke
Shamanic Way of the Wyrd, or Wydden Ways, with a touch of the Wild. Mediumships, Clairvoyance and Card Readings, Runes, Ogham, Past and Future Lives.
Mary Earle
Clairvoyant Readings Blessed by Angels. Energetic Cord Releasing, Aura Cleansing, Chakra Clearing, Past Life Realignment.
Suzie Grace Galadriel 'Activating the Higher Self', A transmition/attunement to waken the higher consciousness.
Elspeth's Kitchen Artisan Dessert Specialist, creating beautiful slices of nature with wholesome, natural ingredients.
Riana George
Intuitive Angel Card Readings.
Angela Ferreira Gigante
Original Shamanic and Spiritual Artwork, Paintings, Prints and Cards, plus Aura Painting.
Krystina Fitzpatrick Hand-Made Native American Style Crafts, Drums, Smudging Feather, Dreamcatchers, Rattles, Jewellery and More.
Barbara Meiklejohn-Free
Renowned as the UK’s best loved and hardest working 'wisdom keeper' - best selling author, teacher, advocate and protector of the great Earth-centred traditions, plus clothing, books, cards, drums, CD's and more.
Patrick Gamble
Patrick receives messages from spirit in the form of pictures. The visions he is shown all come with specific messages and energies, which are brought through into our physical world to help and guide us on our own spiritual paths. Averaging 4 - 5 ft, the originals have been sold all around the world to therapists, healers, centres and private buyers alike.
Jo Hickey-Hall
Body Mirror System Healing. Fairy Folklorist.
Martin Harrison
Spiritual Items, Singing Bowls, Drums, Himalayan Lamps, Unusual Gifts, Wooden Carved Items, Dreamcatchers and more.
Jacqueline Hart
Fiona Havelock Jones Crystals, Polished Stones, Skulls, Wands and Tumblestones and Jewellery.
Healing Forest Natural Hand Made Body Adornments with Healing Meaning and Healing Benefits Seeds. Woods, Stones and Sacred Herbs).
Alyson Hurst Bristol Bee Keeper - 100% local products, including lip balms and creams infused with locally grown herbs, 100% Beeswax organic candles and more.
Susan Hudd Clairvoyant, Medium and Signature Readings.
Paula Jackson
Psychic Surgeon Healing.
Diana Jaritz 
Diana is a qualified Metaphysician, Subtle Energy Practitioner and Spiritual Counsellor. Her work includes Healing, Transformation and Spiritual Evolution. Diana has been guiding people through life experiences over the years. She offers different healing methods such as Karma Release, stepping out of the Matrix, disconnecting from Reincarnation, transforming restrictions in the DNA to live a life in Abundance, healing the Dreamtime, Space Clearing and much more…
Information about all different healing methods will be available at the stall. ‘Declare your Sovereignty and recall your Free Will to break through the Illusionary World we live in!’
Olu Jegede
Thai Yoga Massage, Thai Foot Massage, Systematic Kinesiology, Sekhem Healing, Swedish Massage.
Jennifer Jones
Neal's Yard Remedies - Beautiful, Natural, Organic Health and Skincare.
Molly Jones
The Healing Keys - Energy Medicine, Quantum Healing.
Sophie Ray-Jones
doTERRA Essential Oils, Supplements and Other Products, along with AromaTouch Technique and Essential Yoga Programme.
Psychic, Clairvoyant Tarot, Angel and Soul Readings.
Katrina Kalkwarf
Sound Healing with the Voice using Toning, Indian Musical Scales and Biji Matras plus Hoistic Massage, and Reflexology enhanced with Reiki Healing.
Helena Kangai Body Talk Healing Sessions - Emotional and Stress Release.
Monika Kralj
Sound Therapy with Gongs and Himalayan Singing Bowls.
Mike Lane Hypnotherapy
Consulting Hypnotherapist, Hypnotic Coaching.
Leomoon Astrology
Astrological Readings.
Olaia Lewis Crystal Therapy, Crystals and More.
Love Technologies
E.M.F. Protection, Orgonite, Shungite, Mobile Phone Radiation Plates, Crystals for E.M.F., Earthing Mats, Salt Lamps, Incense, Essential Oils, Soaps, Candles, and more.
Janja Martin Homeopathy and Kineisiology.
Carol Massey
Pranic Healing.
Sonara Millwood
Starlight Essence Therapy.
Tina Paul
Helix Healing Taster Sessions and Helix Colour Readings.
Sharon May
Mediumship and Angel Therapy.
Mercury Moon Gifts
Sophie O'Brien
Thai Massage,Reflexology, Holistic Aromatherapy and Deep Tissue Massage.
Flavia Kate Peters
Popular Mystic, Best Selling Author and Speaker. Having worked with Doreen Virtue PhD, Flavia has been heralded as the new generation of teachers of the Angelic and Faery realms. She regularly graces the pages of Spirit and Destiny, FAE Magazine to name but a few, and is a regular speaker/workshop leader on the Mind Body Spirit circuit.  Her authentic and honest approach makes her a most sought after elemental and angel energy teacher.
Handcrafts and Clothing from India and Nepal.
Fiona Pinney Tarot/Card Readings and Healing Therapies.
Portland Centre for Integrative Wellbeing The Portland Centre for Integrative Medicine (PCIM) is a centre of excellence for sustainable healthcare based in Clifton, Bristol. We support the transformation of the health service in the UK, combining the best of conventional and complementary healthcare to deliver a holistic approach to Mindfulness and Wellbeing.
Karen Pryce
Clairvoyant Readings.
Nur Ray
Igne Oyasi ( needle lace embroidery is considered to be the favourite of the wealthy aristocratic city dwellers and the most sought after and collectible), Tiğ oyasi – crochet embroidery, Mekik oya (shuttle embroidery or tatting) and Firkete oya – fork embroidery. Silver, gold plated, cupper metals have been used in this rebirth process.
Red Kite Flutes
Handcrafted Native American Style Flutes and Accessories.
Martin Harrison Spiritual Items, Singing Bowls, Drums, Himalayan Lamps, Unusual Gifts, Wooden Carved Items, Dream Catchers and Readings.
Renaissance Holistic
Incense and Holders, Sage Sticks, Smudge Feathers, Lisa Parker and Anne Stokes Canvas Prints, Mugs, Buddhas and Magical Unicorns.
Sacred Earth
Aura Photography.
Ros Simons
Drums, Ceremonial Tools, Tree Spirit Jewellery, Tree and Nature Sound Tuning Forks, Smudging Tools and more.
Greg Smith
Clairvoyant Mediumship.
Suara Sound Academy
Tuning Forks, Courses, Workshops, Retreats, Music and Sound Related Goods, Polhilsa House Retreat Centre and Sanctuary.
Debbie Thorne
Crystal Healing, Angelic Healing, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Ear Acupuncture.
Carol Thorneycroft
Metatron Healing using a combination of Crystals and Sound.
Twinkle Rose Fairy Children's Crafts and Flower Cards and Essences.
Joy Vernon
Jewellery, Crystals, Statues, Art and Healing Products.
World Health Heroes
Health and Well Being Team of Experts Offering over 50 Therapies in Bristol and Bath, including, Massage, Reiki, Physiotherapy, Personal Training and Mental Health Treatments.
Anne Wright
Clairvoyant Readings.