Exhibitors 2018

Mark Aston
Mark is a Spiritual Medium and clairvoyant based in the West Midlands. He will be offering Tarot card readings to give you guidance and clarity with his natural sensitive and empathetic approach.

Avon Wildlife Trust
Education and Information regarding the Conservation Work of the Trust. Opportunities to get involved in the Trust. Memberships facilitated.

Sonya Barba
Crystal Therapy and Usui Reiki.

Blackbird Oak
Handcrafted Gemstone and Antler Jewellery. Homestead Amulets and Accessories. Hand Embellished Items and Art Works.

Blue Bird Energy Healing
Given by two healers at the same time.

Jules Brindle
Healing and Gifts.

Jonathan Brown
Mediumship Demonstration.

Lesley Burnham
Energy Healing, Reiki and Anusha. 

I have always been drawn to the Native American culture from a young boy due to its aspects of Nature, and how living with it you grow to have an understanding and become part of it. Having a natural instinct in making all items from their way of life and sold world wide, the Flute was a continuation of a path for me to follow. I taught myself how to play. By thinking from the heart and being a visionary I have become a conduit in feeling the emotions that appear in sound before me.

Sharon Cobham
Imported Goods, primarily from India, to include Deities of Wood, Brass, Stone and Resin as well as Boxes, Textiles, Salt Lamps, Vegan Candles, Incence, Notebook and much more.

Paula Cowling
Tropic Skincare and Beauty endorsed by Cruelty-Free International and the Vegan Society. Our products are also toxic free, and we never use micro beads or anything harmful the the environment. Free mini taster treatments/ facials plus hand smoothing treatments and make-up matching.

Cliff de la Croix
Therapies and Healing.

Gwen Davies Art
Henna, Artwork, Colouring Books, Prints and Ethical Goods.

Ayla Dedeoglu
Access Bars Sessions.

Peter and Paul Dickinson
Healing Sessions.

Stella Donoghue
Spiritual and Angel Card Readings.

John Odinsson Dyke
Runes, Shaman/Mediumship.

Alistair Edmunds
Somatic Movement and Contact Improvisation Workshops.

Georgie Flawn
DoTerra Essential Oils and Promotion of Upcoming Classes.

Patrick Gamble
Spiritual Artist, Paintings, Cards, Calendars, Oracle Decks, Spirit Guide Portraits and more.

Riana George
Intuitive Angel Card and Spiritual Readings.

Ian Griffiths
EMF Protection, Organite, Shungite Protective Pendant, Mobile Phone Radiation Solutions, Earthing/Grounding Mats, Agnihotra kits, Crystals for EMF, plus other holistic items.

Gillian Gregson
Angel Tarot and Intuitive Angel Card Readings.

Hives and Herbals
Bristol based Bee Keeper Alyson Hurst, who makes her own Candles, Balms and Salves from Herbs self grown and Beeswax. Also, Jams, Chutneys and Apple Cider Vinegar.

Joe Hoare - Personal Development Guru
I help build resilience, reduce stress & anxiety, improve communication & connection, and increase mindfulness & happiness.
I have developed a natural, spontaneous, genuine approach to laughter yoga - #laughteryogawithJoe

I apply and teach this through courses, conferencesteam sessionswellness daysworkshopsretreatsandone-to-one coaching and mentoring. 

I am also an author. Read the review by a GP (Medical Doctor) who is also a laughter yoga practitioner - The best book about laughter I've ever read '

Would you like 3 quick tips for more calm, present-moment awareness, and laughter in your life?
Come and join me at this event and I will share these treasures with you!

 Transformational Breath® Breathing Analysis Sessions with Julie Ann Horrox  www.LOVE IN THE BREATH.com
We live the way that we breathe, if your breath is restricted them so is your life.

You can learn how to transform your life with Better Breathing.

In a Transformational Breath® Breathing Analysis Session, I can tell you what your main patterns and blocks are, and how to change them with the power of your own breath

This will Transform You Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually.          

Julie Ann Horrox
Love in the Breath and JAHLove Healing Jewellery                                      

Julie Ann has been making beautiful bespoke healing jewellery for over 20yrs, every piece is lovingly crafted on the Sacred Isle of Avalon, Glastonbury. Made with carefully selected high quality Crystal’s and Semi-precious stones, each piece is totally unique just like you xxx

Rebecca Horton
Tarot Readings.

Jackie Howchin
Healing Art (Acrylic on Canvas). Prints and Greeting Cards, Healing Art and Healing Collage Workshops. Reiki Healing and Teaching on all Levels.

Isbourne Centre
Holistic Centre from Cheltenham, offering talks, workshops and personal development courses.

Paula Jackson
Psychic Surgeon Healing.

Dr Alan Jones of Cornwall School of Mystery and Magick
Courses and Services.

Jennifer Jones
Neal's Yard Remedies, Natural Organic Health and Beauty.

Katrina Kalkwarf
“Sound Experience”
Sound Healing to aid chakra clearing and realignment. Voice toning dispersing physical, mental and emotional imbalances. Relaxation aided in a unique bespoke experience with Tibetan bells and bowl to bring calm.

Mark Lange - Healers Hands and Michelle Prior
Bowen Technique, Allergy Testing, Emotional and Ancestral Stress Release, Feng Shui, Dowsing Courses, Angel Card Readings and More.

Debbie Lawrence
Bamboo Massage Therapist.

Andrea Lazenby
Access Bars Sessions.

Olaia Lewis

Sybella Loram
Psychic Medium/Tarot Reader.

Love in the Breath
Transformational Breathing Analysis Sessions and JAH Love Jewellery.

Gaia Evalyn Love
Shamanic Healing, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Thought Field Therapy, Life Coaching and Intuitive Reading.

Love Technologies - Ian Griffiths
EMF Protection, Organite, Shunite, Protective Pendants, Mobile Phone Radiation Solutions, Earthing/Grounding Mats, Ingi Hotra Kits, Crystals for EMF, plus other Holistic Items such as Incense, Oils, Organic Superfoods, Herbal Soaps and More.

Carol Massey
Pranic Healing and Indian Head Massage.

Sharon May
Angel Therapy, Mediumship, Spiritual Mentoring and Spiritual Art.

Clare Metcalf  - Animal Communication, Healing, Homeopathy, Workshops, Products
 I am trained in a process of Body Scanning (Medical Gestalt) whereby physical sensations can be conveyed between animal and human, offering a unique insight into their wellbeing, in addition to accessing the memories of animals to discover any physical and psychological damage they may have encountered in the past.

This seems to be my "Forté", and is where my years of Human Person- Centred Counselling, Healing, Healthcare and Homeopathic experience in consultations come to the fore.
You can proceed to your vet or animal practitioner armed with additional information which may be of use in their treatment of your animal friend. I have an excellent working relationship with my local vets, with osteopaths, chiropractors, Equine Touch and Canine Touch practitioners who are happy to hear from the animal's point of view before examination and treatment and can confirm my findings.
I firmly believe that Animal Communication should not be used merely as a "Parlour Trick", and that receiving the messages is only half the process - knowing what to do with the information received is equally important, as is how to deliver that message.

During our conversation I counsel animals with emotional and psychological issues, and offer distant healing where needed. I work as mediator, because sometimes compromise is necessary from humans as well as animals.

Sonara Millwood
Starlight Essences.

Janet Monk
Crystal Healing, Indian Head Massage and Hand Reflexology.

Ro Boulton-Nash
Fairy Houses, Garden Goodies, Enchanting Flowers Oracle Cards, AromaFairypy Essential Oil Fragrances and Mists.

Cathryn Nettles
Mixed Media Original Artwork, Giclee Prints and Greeting Cards.

New World Creations
Angel Gifts.

Pete Nicholson
Reiki Healing and Psychic Counselling.

Silvia Oakes-Wilson
Clinical Solution Focused Hypnotherapist.

Outside the Box
Natural Skincare, Make-up, Ayuvedic Massage and more.

Hollie Owen
Remedial/Deep Tissue Massage, Indian Head Massage.

Sophie O'Brien
Holistic Massage and Reflexology and Tui Na.

Belén Prado
Beléna sound therapist, a Native American flute teacher and a well-being coach. She also believes in the importance of connecting with nature for healing and she organises community activities with this aim. She has been playing the Native American flute for over 8 years and she could experience the beneficial effects of it. Her interest for the healing potential of sound grew when she started to play the flute at sound journeys and meditation sessions in Bristol, and she finally decided to train as sound therapy. She also gives one to one sessions where she mainly uses tuning forks, a powerful tool that fascinates her. You will find more information at her website: www.natural-tuning.com

Elizabeth Pritchard
Personal and Professional Development. Certified NLP Training and Personal Strategy One to One Work.

Philip Purser
Clinical Solution Focused Hynotherapy.

Ray Raiment
Reiki Taster Sessions.

Nur Ray
Reiki, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Unicorn Healing and more.

Red Kite Flutes
Native North American Style Flutes, One to One Flute Lessons and Meditations.

Nutritional Therapy Consultation and Sacred Geometry Taster Sessions.

Pamela Shiels
Beauty Therapist using Neal's Yard Products.

Spirit Sisters
Mediumship Demonstration.

Ros Simons
Hand Made Drums, Rattles and other Ceremonial Tools. along with Spirit Jewellery, Tree Spirit and Ogham Sets and Altar Pieces. She will also be showcasing her unique channelled Birth Moon Tree Channelled Tuning Forks, and other Sacred Sound Tuning Forks.

Hilary Stanley
Violet Flame ... Books, Meditation CD's, Starter Kits, Aura Sprays, Tuning Forks, Crystal Dream Hangers, Candles and Holders, Cards, Crystals, Mandalas, Jwellery and Glass Angels.

Jan Michelle Taylor
Spiritual Gifts and Homewares, plus Natural and Handmade Bath and Body Products.

Jackie Townsend
Jackie will be offering birth chart readings and forecast readings for the year ahead using the solar return chart.
A natal chart or birth chart is a map of the solar system at the exact time and place of your birth. This provides a blue print of your character and life experiences. Therefore, it could be said that we are a living imprint of the state of the cosmos at the exact moment we were born.

Your birth chart contains information regarding everything contained in your life journey from beginning to end including relationships, talents, life challenges, career path etc. and even experiences carried over from past lives.

The Solar Return chart is a map of the sky at the exact moment the Sun returns to the same position it occupied at the time of your birth. This provides an insight into the year ahead.

Karolina Wysocka Sound Therapist. www.soundoflife.co.uk

Andy Workman
Mindset Specialist, International Speaker, Author & Clinical Hypnotherapist


Jasmine Grace Zahara